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I know half my ad dollars are wasted; I just don’t know which half…

Though it’s just a humdrum car commercial during SNL, it’s interesting that Toyota starts its Prius commercial with “unless you walk, bike, or fly everywhere … ” (you care about gas mileage). Great — unless you live in most of … Continue reading

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Statistically, Santorum is the anti-Paul

An interesting way to look at the results of the Iowa Caucuses is to view each county as an individual data point. This gives us a convenient set of 99 data points and yields some insight into the Iowa voter, … Continue reading

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Irvine Housing Blog becomes OC Housing News

From time to time, GlobalDecision provides in-depth analysis of the Irvine-area housing market as a contributor to the housing information and analysis blog run by Larry Roberts, known as IrvineRenter. Larry has expanded the scope of his blog to include … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Orange County (LAOC) Case-Shiller Nov 2011 Update

Powered by Tableau From the above chart, we can see the long term trend of home values in the Los Angeles / Orange County region. While prices have declined considerably from peak bubble pricing, prices are still elevated over pre-bubble … Continue reading

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New lower conforming loan limit impact on Irvine, CA

The above chart shows the distribution of home prices for all sales under $2M in Irvine, CA from 1/1/2010 through 7/31/2011. Irvine, CA is an expensive sub-market of an expensive region (Southern California). As a result, it is likely to … Continue reading

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