Irvine Housing Blog becomes OC Housing News

From time to time, GlobalDecision provides in-depth analysis of the Irvine-area housing market as a contributor to the housing information and analysis blog run by Larry Roberts, known as IrvineRenter. Larry has expanded the scope of his blog to include all of Orange County, and has correspondingly migrated to a new website called the “OC Housing News” at

We’ve posted a number of pieces of analysis of the Irvine market on the Irvine Housing Blog, and we look forward to continue doing so on the website. Because the new site deals with a broader geographical area than just Irvine, we have an opportunity to create city-to-city comparative analyses using advanced analytics. We look forward to further understanding the substitution effect and other trade-offs that affect consumer behavior when buying real estate.

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  1. Looking forward to more blogs on that market. I find the city to city comparision extremely valuable.

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