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While we service clients in all industries, we've found that a few key industries are unusually well-suited to apply the analytical methods we've honed over the years. We highlight those key industries below:

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing and data are intertwined at the hip. Whether the goal is new customer acquisition, upsell/upgrade, or customer retention, it's crucial that the right offer is made to the right person. With direct mail response rates often hovering in the 0.3%-0.5% range, even a small uplift in response rate can result in large financial gain. Global Decision uses predictive models, such as Logistic Regression and Random Forests, to raise response rates on client mailings. By avoiding customers or households with a low propensity-to-respond, client marketing dollars are more efficiently routed and acquisition/upgrade cost is reduced.

Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive in the world. New entrants pop up all the time; consumer tastes are constantly changing; competitors lure your guests with discounts and LTOs; and there is little political/legal friction to allow the industry to accrue excess profits. To survive requires great food, great service, and the ability to understand what's driving results in real-time. Global Decision has extensive experience with helping restaurant chains tackle the toughest analytical challenges: from using Basket Intelligence(tm) to understand the Sales Mix, to accurately forecasting and scheduling labor hours by 15-minute increment -- we live and breathe sales, guests, and check (along with labor % and food cost %) just like you.

Online Gaming

The interactive entertainment world continues to shift from console-based to online-based. While the 2011 E3 show was still console dominated, it is clear that online/multiplayer/networked/MMORPGs are increasing in market share. Because the online gaming market is composed of a much larger number of mid-size players (and a few whales), Global Decision provides outsourced analytics to that segment. We've leveraged our extensive experience with understanding the customer lifecycle in offline industries (such as cable, internet, phone, fitness centers, credit cards) to develop the player-centric analytics that you need to understand your user base. Our products include basic reporting from your raw data, advanced analysis of churn and ARPU/ARPPU, predictive models to determine risk-of-churn (in both subscription and free-to-play offerings), and the ability to better target upsell in-game currency redemption offers.

Real Estate

The real estate market has undergone a once-in-a-generation transformation in the last few years. The extreme overvaluations and irrational exuberance seen by lenders, builders, and homebuyers in 2006 is gone. Prices have declined dramatically, and consumer preferences have changed markedly. To understand the new realities of the real estate market, you need to go beyond the yesteryear metrics of "median home value". Global Decision uses advanced statistical analysis (technically called a Hedonic approach) to real estate valuation. Our approach not only more accurately shows the true trend of home values, but it also distills the home into the underlying attributes that drive value (bedrooms, bathrooms, size, lot size, neighborhood, etc.). Our blog reviews the Case-Shiller data as it's published for the Los Angeles / Orange County market, and we invite you to share your comments on our analysis.


From cable TV, to wireless phones, to internet access -- telecom is at the heart of consumer communication. While most consumers consider internet access a vital need, others are more willing to drop television services or land-based phone lines. Global Decision can help you respond to consumer need for more value. Our churn analytics and retention program determines which of your customers are most likely to jettison full or partial services. We then work collaboratively with your marketing team, your customer retention group, and your other vendors (such as your ad agency) to dovetail analytical learnings into your business tactics and strategy.