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Global Decision provides analytical, data-driven consulting services to business. Because of our boutique size, our engagements are flexible in both scope and structure, and our projects typically run between one-week and three-months in duration. Below is a representative sample of some of the types of work we are called to perform:

Business Intelligence

The phrase "Business Intelligence" is really a catch-all to describe any activity whose goal is to turn raw data into actionable insight. At a high level, many of Global Decision's engagements could fall into the realm of Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence projects need not require expensive or complex systems (though such systems can be beneficial if they are already installed), and Global Decision has implemented many baseline reporting and analytics solutions using "off the shelf" software such as MS-SQL, MySQL, Open Source R, and/or Excel.

Basket Analysis / Basket Intelligence(tm)

Basket Analysis, or Market Basket Analysis, is an analytical method with which retailers look at which products are selling together on the same transaction. Traditional "basket analysis" works well for big-box and general retailers with thousands of SKUs where a primary benefit lies in understanding which items are paired in a sale. For other industries, however, traditional basket analysis lacks some key requirements to generate business insight.

Basket Intelligence(tm) is Global Decision's solution, specifically tailored to key verticals such as the Restaurant Industry. Restaurant Basket Intelligence(tm) leverages the core concepts of basket intelligence but takes into account the specifics of how checks are structured in a restaurant's POS (point-of-sale) system in order to gain maximum benefit.

Churn Analytics / Customer Retention

It's a well-promoted fact that acquiring a new customer is 5-10x harder than keeping an existing customer. With that in mind, it's more important than ever to understand churn at the person-by-person level. Global Decision has extensive experience with defining, analyzing, predicting, and reducing churn for businesses that have recurring payments. While "traditional" retention-oriented businesses such as cable companies have benefitted greatly from an enhanced understanding of churn, such benefits extend to any company with sufficient data about its user base.

Acquisition and Upgrade

As important as churn and customer retention are, top line revenue growth demands new customers and existing-customer upsell. For either of these approaches to be effective, it's crucial that your company is using analytically-driven methods. The days of making the same upsell offer to tens of thousands of customers without adequate control groups and back-end statistical review are over. Global Decision is an analytics company, so we can work with your existing print media vendor, graphics design team, or ad agency to increase the level of analytical rigor in your marketing efforts.